• Digital Illustration using variety of software, including Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, Painter and various 3D packages. My wide range of styles including photo-realistic, mixed medium and graffiti styles & can produce crisp professional designs from children’s books to rendering from blueprints for architectural visualizations.


  • Page layout and logo design using Professional Packages inline with the most up to date PDF workflow practices to ensure an increased productivity and quality printed material. I have access to a large database of Hi-Res images including – Fresh Produce, Liquor & Supermarket Products (20,345 images in total)


  • I’m an avid photographer I have a lot of experience with both the using of professional camera rigs as well as processing the images. I’m fascinated with the technology and passionate about time lapse, time-exposure, slow motion and HDR photography to name a few. I have knowledge of industry style standards like batch processing raw files & creative use of PS batch actions. I can restore old photographs from degradation in colour & in the material (mold,scratches,holes and rips) with professional results.


  • My well balanced knowledge of computers, both hardware and software is above average. I have a healthy knowledge for networking and computer server security, and have often performed pen-tests for concerned users & been able to identify malicious software and remove from infected systems. This allows me to keep solid, reliable & clean server’s, desktops and laptops running a variety of systems including Win32/64, Mac Os, Linux & Unix variants and everything in between.


  • With some simple scripting knowledge I have done varies jobs that required me to write code. This usually requires learning while on the job.
    I really enjoy this type of work as I love to learn new things, but to then put it into a Professional context right away is really rewarding. I have scripting abilities in HTML5, PHP, JAVA, ActionScript & CSS.


  • Video capture and editing with skills and experience in motion graphics, post production and compositying. 3D modeling - both low & high poly and high quality rendering using industry standard engines.


  • I have excellent understanding of industry terms used in a wide range of creative and technical fields. I’m a polite and hardworking individual that strives on new technology and the different ways it can be utilized.